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The Anaheim CA Company possess singular insights into how this pandemic has affected cleaners’ businesses. In 2018, the couple launched the, which mostly employs women, many of them soloists. On Facebook, the Anaheim CA in Orange County CA also preside over a worldwide community of cleaners almost 20,000 strong. Now, interspersed with the posts about bleach-to-water ratios and pet-friendly disinfectants, they encounter stories of heartbreak, fear, and confusion.

To ensure eligible individuals can access Test and Trace Support payments you may consider providing staff details to the – a staff member who was in close contact with the person testing positive has indicated they are not exempt from self-isolation, it’s particularly difficult for the person testing positive to identify or provide details of some members of staff they were in contact with, for example temporary workers, contractors or staff working irregular shift patterns

You should consider the need for these mitigations in the context of other COVID-19 workplace mitigations (such as ventilation, regular cleaning of surfaces and the use of face coverings) you have put in place. They should only be applied where practical. For example, without imposing restrictions on business operations or reducing workplace capacity.

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